Daylighting (without you I would be lost)       2019

Nuit Blanche Toronto

Animation: Hajar Moradi - VIVIDO Studio
Technitian lead: Andrew Rose - Apex Sound & Light

This work is a continuation of my piece, “To love you deeply I look to my mind’s eye” (Nuit Blanche 2015), which explored the geographic, social and cultural history of Garrison Creek. Central to both works is a consideration of city building with regards to the function of waterways in Toronto and our relationships to these spaces. This piece takes as its starting point the layered narratives within a space and considers how these narratives can contribute to a collective understanding of place. The growth of Toronto and our relationship to the waterfront are key concepts underlining the work, as viewers were able to stand along what was once the shoreline of the city.

This project was supported through Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding. 




* photos by Ricardo Jota