Acoustic Ecology I                                                 2019

Oeno Gallery

“ By tuning in to the harps’ whines and the organs’ moans, we are momentarily merged with the site, and this merger, which is interpretive and subjective, is what fills out the coordinates of a site with the psychological and social dimensions of a place. “

A Bird Sings, Jeff Kelley

Acoustic Ecology I explores the influence of sound in our spatial understanding, creating a unique sound environment that changes over time.  The columns are arranged to simulate a pipe organ, spread out over the landscape and are activated by the wind. This harmonic connection with the landscape is simultaneously underscored by the reference to industrial practices, as the pipes also evoke large PVC pipe used in water drainage systems. Often times PVC pipes can be found protruding through the ground, before the foundation of a building is laid, revealing for only a short time the vital systems at work in a building’s operation. It is through this reference to building practices that the site becomes one of potential, an unfinished space whose purpose is undefined, until the direction of the wind resonates within. The work is designed to create a tension between the natural forces in our environment and the industrial changes to our environment that occur through development.